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For over 20 years, Philip Shakhnis has successfully represented tenants and homeowners who have suffered significant loss or injury in their homes by being forced to live with dangerous conditions, including lead-based paint hazards, carbon monoxide exposure, cockroaches, bedbugs, rats, lack of heat, mold and other defects.  Over that  time, our clients have received significant results in their favor.

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Philip Shakhnis is a forceful, meticulous and compassionate attorney with over 20 years of experience representing tenants. Philip has represented hundreds of tenants forced to live in slum conditions making him one of the best slumlord attorneys in the Los Angeles area. Philip has also helped tenants poisoned by carbon monoxide leaks, exposed to mold and whose children have been lead poisoned. Philip is at the forefront of representing tenants wrongfully evicted from properties protected by local rent control laws.

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About Philip Shakhnis

Philip has personally handled lead poisoning, carbon monoxide and traumatic injury cases that have resulted in multi-million dollar settlements. Notably, Philip’s work resulted in a $10,000,000 settlement on behalf of a child poisoned by lead-based paint in his home which is one of the largest child lead poisoning settlements in the country. Philip has taken several cases to trial involving unsafe and unhealthy housing and wrongful eviction.

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Philip Shakhnis

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